The current challenges in the music industry include the lockdown, loss of live performance and counter-intelligence in the music industry (sharing a message of doom and gloom). By creating access to music rights know-how and revenue we shift the market in a positive direction.

The two primary ways for the individual, band or organisation to achieve these goals is through education and registration.

Education focuses on access for young entrepreneurs and curriculum material for scholars. Our educational material is dedicated to music industry education, with rights management, digital management, new technology and business advice. We offer individuals and organisations training in business and digital skills, networking access to new markets, connections to resources and finance opportunities.

Registration with the 4 major music rights organisations in South Africa assists the access to music industry revenues for young mudicians, established independents and veteran performers. The registration process requires the necessary information and administration skills so they may register their works locally and internationally for music rights, including neighbouring broadcast and performance, and thus earn from their intellectual property.

The Registration process
And most importantly the industry needs to shift to a clear and transparent future where monitoring and payment is done through one coherent database. Leading independent music practitioners in Africa can take a lead in shifting onto the RDx monitoring system – thus helping them to earn a more sustainable living long into the future. IP Database