For musicians to get PAID and to get bucks we are calling for support from friends and music industry members across the board. PAID need to be launched as answer to a historical legacy project that has ensured the few in the industry have held dominance of the many. In South Africa this historical legacy has been especially pronounced through the changes of political governance and associated corruption.

South Africa had a small music industry in the 80s with the two main players being EMI Brigadiers and Gallo with all the international labels licencing their product. Warners then set up an office in South Africa that became Tusk. But, after 1994 the flood gates opened. Universal came in and Warners re-established their office, and then BMG and Sony came in.

Today, the three majors have offices in South Africa and Gallo is still the largest independent label. The independent industry in South Africa has been constantly undermined. And for many it appears to be all but decimated. However with the abundance of talent and powerful youth representation, Africa still holds the key and independence in Africa is its secret.

PAID is therefore a coherent attempt to combine education and know-how in the industry with a hard work ethic to create a transparent forward looking and well populated database of intellectual property, not unlike a deeds office for physical property, as a bridge to the future generations and the unborn african child.

With an on-going corrupt and exploitative class in the Pan-African and South African music industry it is important to shift our business focus and thereby shift the power to the independent creatives directly. You may see this as a quantum approach, building through inter-personal power to unleash individual potential and thereby bring long and lasting change.

PAID therefore operates as both a free platform - sharing the know-how to bring protection of the creators copyrights and monetisation through registration; and a membership platform relying on the support of sponsors, funders, partners and the indivudual members to build, grow and populate a database of independent artists intellectual property.
PAID in its inception relies on YOU - the sponsor, the partner, the information sharer, the reader, the artist, the musician, the spirituality, the mystic, the African. Please come abord this chain of thought - to add a coherent and prganised database to the consistently growing output of intellectual property on the continent. Africa is the birthplace of humanity - it is the mother land, the living groundswell of creativity. And now is the time for the African creativies to receive the fruits of their labour and the revenue from their intellectual propery. Our first step to achieving this is a widely populated and well supported organised database.