The Pan African Independent Network

Music Industry, Rights and business know-how, news and services for the music entrepreneur and independent record label.

(PAIN) was established 25.05.2020 in South Africa to provided a much needed space for information, presentation and advancement of music rights and global representation of Pan African music entrepreneurs and independent record labels.

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Music Industry, Rights and business know-how, news and services for the music entrepreneur and independent record label.


The PAIN team have a powerful collective music industry experience and are very active in bringing the best up to date practices, information and empowerment for independent music practice on the African continent.

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Struan Douglas

External Communications

Skills and Experience

Struan Douglas is a South African based African cultural writer, performer, presenter, activist and educator. Douglas has Honours in Philosophy and Religion from the Social Sciences Department University of Cape Town, 1999. He studied music at University of KwaZulu natal, Howard College, and has RSM5 in theory and trumpet performance Ukusa UKZN (2012). He is a professional freelance journalist, specialising in Pan African culture from 1999 to the current day. He is the author of several books, producer of albums and creator of many different events and initiatives including wondergigs, archiveafrica and

Skills and Experience

MUSICAL VETERANS: Gary’s professional bass playing career began with The Dealians in 1974. Hee was a member of rock band Tank followed in 1976 by the notable Glam Rock band Circus. From 1979 he was a member of the classic Pop Rock band Clout. The band scored sales of up to 14 million albums worldwide, their biggest hit being “Substitute”. Gary was a founding member of the Juluka band with a number of international hits including “Scatterlings”.

INDEPENDENT RECORD LABELS: was launched 01/04/00 as a content portal for African Music. It remains online building in content and reach. The vision is to accurately document the outstanding music of our region, continent and globe across all times and mediums. Founder and producer of a number of groundbreaking projects including Wondergigs, Goema Captains of Cape Town and Archive Africa.

STAR PERFORMERS: Singer and trombonist, Siya Makuzeni is a band leader, collaborator and as a cross-over performer with electronic and groove styles. She is a composer, arranger and at the forefront of the surge of freshness on the South African music scene.

YOUTH INITIATIVES: Internet Tony is the founder of Music Business Intelligence. He is a beat maker, producer, and educating the future generations that it is possible to make a career out of music.