PAID: The Pan African Independent Database

"If the record labels and artists get paid they can create better music and future revenue streams." The only way to achieve thisin the highly competitive Pan African music industry is work shoulder to shoulder and build a coherent database for our intellectual property.


We are building a network of sustainable music entrepreneurs to enter into the changed music industry of tomorrow.

Pan African Independent Database

PAID is an innovative solution for the diversity of the Pan African independent music sector to be represented in a coherent and organised database of intellectual property.

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Struan Douglas

Founding Director
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Kabelo Galane

Music Business Intelligence
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Sausage Film Company

Education Material Provider
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Abasha in Africa

Youth Development

The Database Project

PAID is helping build databases for small businesses and successful entrepreneurs

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Archive Africa
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Music Business Intelligence

Music Library
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Charliii Greyt

GreyPrint Media

Skills and Experience

Struan Douglas is a South African based African cultural writer, performer, presenter, activist and educator. Douglas has Honours in Philosophy and Religion from the Social Sciences Department University of Cape Town, 1999. He studied music at University of KwaZulu natal, Howard College, and has RSM5 in theory and trumpet performance Ukusa UKZN (2012). He is a professional freelance journalist, specialising in Pan African culture from 1999 to the current day. He is the author of several books, producer of albums and creator of many different events and initiatives including wondergigs, archiveafrica and is an interactive online exposition of the depth and a breadth of our African music to enhanced creative and cultural know how and exchanges. The different musical styles of our Southern African region from the maskanda and Qom of KwaZulu Natal to the marrabenta of Mozambique, the Tuku music of Zimbabwe, the hip hop of Tanzania has become internationally played and appreciated. And then there are the lesser known sounds of Botswana and Malawi that need to be profiled. brings a focal point to these styles and the players, labels, producers and initiatives that are excelling in their promotion.

Abasha In Africa is a philanthropic venture / NPO solving the problem of economic growth, ownership and sustainable job creation in the African creative industry through an interactive online platform, bespoke support programs, training, talks and networking events. Abasha in Africa is working with PAIN to explore and build solutions for outreach and development of the independent sector in Africa.

Sausage Film Company is a collaboration between Struan Douglas, author of Story of South African Jazz Book Series and multi-media producer, poet and military veteran Vusi Mchunu to elevate the stories of South African music and freedom culture through film and education. Sausage Films produces audio visual works for better accessibility of South African music and freedom culture to a include wider young and old audiences across gender, age, and colour.

Music Business intelligence (MBI) is a music marketing agency that provides business tactics that musicians can apply on their career, in a short time MBI Has been operational it has gotten support from YFM’S DJ Sabby, Smash Afrika, Indie Foundation and State theatre. MBI are always looking for ways to innovate, we experiment new ways of attracting business be it B2B or B2C

Charliii Greyt also known as Odysset grew up in Tshwane and fell in love with the craft of rapping and making music at the age of 17. He says, "I want to make great music for evrey occassion but most of all I want to spread the message and influence of Africa everywhere in the world." Charliii works through his company Greyprint Media to change the lives of artists.