Skills Exchange and Networking

Skills Exchange and Networking

PAIN brings together local independent music trade assocciations throughout Africa and networks with worldwide to harness the best practice for music companies and professionals in Africa and around the world. PAIN networks with the broader independent community and entrepreneurs that want to release their music with a full understanding of their rights and ability to collect on them. Apart from collecting music rights royalties, PAIN puts together a network where people can collaborate creatively. The first milestone is how to collect money for people who haven’t been getting it and get that activated as quickly as possible and then putting together databases of people’s copyright so we can go out and collect that money. That is a market share as close to a major label. This has happened internationally, it is time to do it in South Africa and Africa.

Music Industry Best Practice and Skills transfer

PAIN is an African safe-haven and a source of power and strength for the independent music communities. Cooperation harnesses equal access and opportunities for independent labels on the African continent.

International Network

PAINs vision is to provide bridge for our communities with those of the rest of the world. This will not only promote creative collabortions, but also commercial opportunities with worldwide independent communities.