PAIN Membership

We are looking for members from across the African independent music community from established independent labels to new startups. We would like to engage independent artists who self-release their music, those just starting out and more established veterans. life as an independent music creative or entrepreneur can be a lonely journey and we would like our members to interact and learn from each other within a supportive network. We aim to create an African safe-haven and a source of power and strength for the independent music communities, assisting members in instances of unfair business practices or copyright infringement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • PAIN engages with all the CMOs on behalf of their members in the capacity of a trade association. We offer our members assistance in collecting "neighbouring rights" from South African CMO's including SAMPRA and IMPRA and international CMO's such as PPL (UK) for a nominal percentage based on global best practice.

  • Through membership with both international and local CMOS we will offer international independent music entrepreneurs the best and fairest return for copyright from the South African neighbouring rights CMOs.

  • PAIN provides registration and licencing services to set up the business legally and maximise revenue through sampling, monitoring, database and collection of rights.

  • Access to collection services, availability of information, advice and support. Assistance for the independent music entrepreneurs against market share and corrupt practices in the industry.

  • Independent music is an excellent example cultural diversity. By discovering and releasing the most innovative artists, independent labels play a key role in the evolution of the cultural landscape. The economic and regulatory environment must actively foster cultural entrepreneurship and economic diversity. PAIN brings equity and representation for music entrepreneurs across the continent.

Document Downloads

PAIN is able to assist members of the independent music community to collect their royalties both from South African and international CMOs. The membership fee of R100 per annum is only payable once you are again earning money after Covid. Fill in the online forms for artist or label here or download the forms, complete and email to