PAIN brings together local independent music trade assocciations throughout Africa and networks with worldwide to harness the best practice for music companies and professionals in Africa and around the world. PAIN networks with the broader independent community and entrepreneurs that want to release their music with a full understanding of their rights and ability to collect on them. Apart from collecting music rights royalties, PAIN puts together a network where people can collaborate creatively. The first milestone is how to collect money for people who haven’t been getting it and get that activated as quickly as possible and then putting together databases of people’s copyright so we can go out and collect that money. That is a market share as close to a major label. This has happened internationally, it is time to do it in South Africa and Africa.

PAINs vision is to provide bridge for our communities with those of the rest of the world. This will not only promote creative collabortions, but also commercial opportunities with worldwide independent communities. As with MERLIN in Holland which collects on behalf of independents around the world, PAIN aims to get enough independent music entrepreneurs together to have a say. WIN is a powerful organization that looks after independents. WIN is putting together a global database of independent works. PAIN aims to being Pan African Independents to that global database and be part of 25 000 independent labels around the world.


is committed to ensuring Independent labels are at the forefront of negotiations with digital services. We oppose organizations that treat Independent labels and their artists as a second-class tier of content in licensing negotiations with our community.
Independent music has historically been underrepresented in mainstream media, including broadcast radio and television. A2IM reminds media broadcasters and elected officials that diversity on the public airwaves is in the best interest of the public. The fact is Independent music dominates on-demand digital service playlists illustrating that fan appetite for Independent music is greater than current commercial radio and television representation. A2IM works closely with broadcast partners and the FCC on greater representation for Independent music in mainstream media.


Impala grows the independent music sector by returning more value to artists, promoting cultural diversity and entrepreneurship, improving political access and modernising perceptions of the music sector.
Removing all barriers to licensing of online and other services is vital, yet certain operators try to hide behind copyright exceptions or “safe harbour” rules. This effectively transfers value away from creators. Closing this “value gap” is important to the independent sector as it particularly distorts licensing efforts by smaller players. Returning value also means full transparency, proper reporting and revenue sharing.
By explaining how the music sector works, by broadening the agenda and offering new solutions, IMPALA aims to promote independent music, inspire decision makers to fulfil new promises to cultural SMEs, and open doors to investment.


Stomp organizes presentations for its members in which key speakers are invited to talk about their organization and what they can do for the independent community. These afternoons also form a platform for the exchange of knowledge among themselves. In addition, at many conferences and meetings STOMP organizes panels and discussion forums on topics that affect the independents.
Stomp provides its members with information afternoons, newsletters and the website with information that directly or indirectly influences the ins and outs of its members. This varies from relevant news to the publication of research reports. But also useful tips & tricks in the field of online exploitation and new subsidy possibilities are actively shared with the supporters.