Due to the cause of not understanding the system in its entirety music entrepreneurs don’t always collect royalties due to them. PAIN offers Business Advice for all music entrepreneurs. From the registration of copyrights to performance and broadcast collecting agencies, PAIN assists the music entrepreneur to ensure their business practice is legal, transparent and efficient.


PAIN fights for the rights of the smaller independent labels in Africa where copyright is not always dealt with in the fairest possible way. PAIN addresses copyright ownership issues ensuring the music entrepreneur can maintain control over their own copyright and monetize it. Information is what you need to win this war. And it is tightly held. PAIN is sharing the resources to take on these challenges.


PAIN facilitates the collections of neighbouring rights, performance rights for broadcast and other public performance from organizations in SA and internationally. From the album release, to radio station sampling and monitoring, the PAIN network in the African and international markets will facillitate the best return on your music.


PAIN collects through registeration with the likes of PPL in London. A network of a huge number of independents around the world increases the licencing share on the continent. PAIN allows independents to take advantage of international licences at far better rates then if they would get then if they are on their own.


PAIN is an active network and organisation for best information for best practice. Connection with Pan African independent labels grows the potential for collaboration and improved profit shares. PAIN facilitates building bridges, networks and connections for artists as a beneficial exchange.


Databases are the biggest challenge. In South Africa the databases are a mess. PAIN networks for simple solutions for transparent and accurate monitoring of music useage. PAIN provides for the registration of ISRC codes and best practice in meta-data and monitoring to ensure fair distribution and correct copyright payments.


PAIN offers members collections from CMOs active in Neighbouring Rights (Collective Management Organisations)